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Day Spa, massage and yoga

Day Spa, Massage and Yoga - Costa RicaJaco, Costa Rica If you are looking for a relaxing afternoon at the spa, invigorating Yoga class in mind and the central body, or an indulgent massage, look no further than the luxury hotel room rental in Jaco Beach, staff masseuse just a phone call, and the organization of a massage parlor and spa treatments are simple and affordable. If you want the full spa experience, a short walk to the choice of fully equipped day spas in the region.

Day Spa, Massage and Yoga – Costa Rica

Our luxurious local spas near Jaco Beach Rental rentals will offer the ultimate in luxury. From manicures and pedicures to a wide variety of massages, body treatments and assisted stretching, they have the experience and professional staff will end in a complete spa experience soothing and relaxing. Enjoy by yourself or bring a friend to rest and relax in peace. No holiday is complete without a little pampering, and with all the exciting activities available in the area of Playa Jaco, a relaxing massage or after sunset is the perfect end to a day full of fun.
Yoga is a popular explosive activity, and can be the perfect complement to your luxury experience Jaco Beach. Even if you have never experienced a yoga class, and do not know what to do, qualified instructors will guide you through the process of empowerment. No matter how you choose to relax, you will find the perfect place to take some steps to Vista Las Palmas, Vista Mar.

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